Our People

Will Griffiths

Senior Account Director

As a graduate of the University of Maine at Farmington, Will majored in Business Economics, and offers a fresh perspective on the principles of strategic and guerilla marketing, and management.

Will comes to Avalon as a jack of all trades, having captained UMF’s varsity baseball team, worked with K-6th grade kids in afterschool programs, refereed intramural athletics, spent some time in retail, and was a member of the UMF Student Selection Committee for evaluation of a new UMF admissions and marketing position, among many other activities.

We’re fortunate to have Will’s energy and enthusiasm as he applies the marketing and management skills he studied.

While he’s not working, Will enjoys spending time with his friends and family around Washington. He also likes to watch movies, listen to music, play and watch sports (go Red Sox!), and try new things.

Will Griffiths headshot


(202) 429-6080, ext. 153