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Top 5 Takeaways from DMAW Digital Day

1. Mobile email use is growing quickly, so now is the time to focus on mobile-friendly email design. Skinnier, single-column designs with touch-friendly calls to action, large fonts, and streamlined messages all add up to a better mobile experience for your supporters. And like other direct marketing channels, it’s important to test different components (e.g., subject line, snippet text, call to action) to improve performance. 

2. Consider cross-channel analytics to get a better sense of how direct mail acquisition lists are working for your organization. Is match-back analysis showing that donors are receiving your mail, but giving online? And does that factor into the direct mail list performance?


3. A key point from a session that covered testing, mobile design, and sustainer lightboxes: When rolling out mobile strategy, make sure to test mobile-responsive donation forms and landing pages between web-driven and email-driven traffic – results might be different!

4. Big brands have the flexibility and funding to try new things, with no other goal than just to be cool. But most nonprofits require a strong ROI to justify trying the latest new thing – which is too bad, because some of these would be fun to try.


5. The closing keynote speaker, Greg Kihlstrom of Carousel30, spoke about the future of direct marketing. He reminded us that strategies will always be better than tactics and that having a strong marketing plan as your foundation will help guide you more than the tactics and channels you use. He also reiterated that consumers have almost unlimited options, but limited time. So looking for ways to connect with supporters at the right time and right place with the right message is still key. 


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