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The New Blackbaud Online Benchmark Study Is Out

Blackbaud recently released their long-awaited online benchmark study. In addition to the highlights presented at the NTEN conference and referenced in our NTC wrap up post, here are some other tidbits worth highlighting:

  • Open rates remained fairly flat at 14.7% (M+R study showed 13% for fundraising emails), but click-through rates and response rates are down – response rates are down 18% at .5% (M+R showing .07% response for fundraising). The M+R comparisons are not apples to apples, but are included here for reference. 
  • The percentage of advocates making an online contribution was 12%, which was similar to last year’s rate.
  • Also of note is that 2.0% of website visitors leave an email address (conversion rate).


Keep in mind that as with any benchmarks, these are general parameters. It’s important to know your own performance parameters, as well as the most relevant vertical category performance for comparison.


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