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Avalon brings thoughtful, data-driven strategy and decades of fundraising savvy to each and every client engagement. We keep our finger on the pulse of the fundraising industry, following trends, pushing boundaries, and blazing trails to bring the best results to clients like you.

The strategies crafted by our experienced team members are custom made for each organization to reach their specific goals. We find the best way to reach, inspire, and activate your audience through the perfect media, method, and messaging mix.

But fundraising strategy doesn’t stop with a memo. We infuse it into the creative execution, as well. Every piece of creative… every letter, email, text, and phone script… is driven by data and executed through best practices. That’s how we achieve award-winning results. And how we’ll work for you.

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American Air Museum in Britain

Your Guide to Meaningful Member Benefits

In addition to preserving and celebrating the art, history, and cultures of our world, membership benefits are a big draw for museum patrons. So how do you make them meaningful in a way that ensures your members use and enjoy them—and continue to support the museum philanthropically? The key is to provide value, access, and perks or discounts.

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