Full-Cycle Online Recruitment

Using Power Concepts in Online Recruitment

Case Study: A New Museum’s Founding Members

Avalon was honored to develop a remarkably successful digital fundraising campaign for the Smithsonian’s newest addition – the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

We built a generous, online donor base centered on three key elements:

First, we knew many people would happily accept the opportunity to become a distinguished Charter Member of such an historically important museum – if asked in the right way – based on our prior message testing with other cultural organizations.

Our Facebook ads and remarketing strategies likewise generated a phenomenal response from a generous and grateful American public – by pairing powerful images with the simple invitation to “Make History with Us.”

The response from our digital ads and remarketing strategies were so strong, our client recovered their full investment in building this online donor base in just 6 months – much faster than break-even for other investments, like door-to-door canvassing (typically 3-4 years) or acquisition mailings (at least 18-24 months).

Equally significant, to prevent the attrition of these new online donors, Avalon also designed a highly effective annual, multi-channel Membership Month Campaign – to create a new source of annual net income – and reinforce the importance of their ongoing support. This campaign is one of the strongest online fundraisers for the museum year after year and is a significant source of new joins, whose average gifts consistently exceed $100.