Avalon Inquire

Avalon Inquire

Get an assessment on the overall health of your file

We use campaign-level metrics to measure performance. But for a deeper analysis of your organization’s file trends, Avalon provides an Avalon Inquire™ master file analysis.

This review of your donor file gives the most accurate picture of where your file stands today. And it identifies significant trends impacting program performance.

Each Avalon Inquire™ analysis is customized to the individual needs of the client, but typically includes:

• Overall health of the file assessment;

• Acquisition analysis: historical join patterns and trends;

• House file analysis: donor retention and value;

• Channel analysis: multi-channel giving behaviors;

• Demographic trends; and

• Upgrade analysis: status of upgrades/downgrades and effectiveness of upgrade efforts.

Avalon uses this analysis to recommend strategies to adjust your strategic plan for growth and retention. And we provide action plans to improve fundraising performance. For example, understanding which channels yield donors with stronger retention helps shape strategies and guide budget allocations.

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