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Avalon set the gold standard for nonprofit analytics and reporting. Our systems were built by fundraisers for fundraisers. That means our approach to data is a bit different than our peers.

We use analytics for far more than reporting on campaign performance; we use data to drive performance.

We don’t just validate how your strategy is working; we use analysis to facilitate strategic conversations with your organization’s leadership and board.

We don’t just spit out reports that track data; we provide strategic interpretation and an action plan for moving forward.

We look at your program performance against similar clients, but also benchmark your program against other organizations in the industry.

Merlin LogoAvalon developed a best-of-breed tool for reporting because there wasn’t anything out there that was up to our standards. And because you deserve the most robust, easy to understand, actionable reporting available. That’s how Merlin by Avalon® was born!

Your Avalon account team uses Merlin to monitor and analyze performance on an ongoing basis and is constantly incorporating new findings and insights into your program and campaign strategies. Meanwhile, you can access your program’s most updated Merlin reports online, 24/7. And coming soon is the next generation of our reporting, Merlin 2.0, with improved functionality and data visualization capabilities.

Dive Deeper with Avalon Analytics®

Avalon Analytics LogoSometimes we need to go even deeper! Donor-level analytics can change your life (or at least make you a better fundraiser!). Enter Avalon Analytics®.

Avalon Analytics can help you extract critical insights from your donor file. From donor-level file analysis and sophisticated segmentation … to acquisition list/investment analysis and long-range forecasting… our sophisticated analytical tools give you a view into what is really going on with your program.

Ready to get nerdy with your Avalon team? 

Let’s talk about what good data and experienced analysts can do for you.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Adding Value to a Donor File

We created a long-range forecast, with an emphasis on rebuilding a high-quality, lower-quantity donor base—putting CBF on the path to revenue stability, despite a shrinking file size. CBF didn’t have as many donors coming in, but the donors who joined were more committed and valuable.

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