Our People

Rebecca Shapalis

Vice President

Rebecca joined Avalon in the spring of 2014 as a Senior Fundraising Program Manager, after 10 years with Production Solutions, a direct mail implementation firm. During her time at Production Solutions, she focused on fundraising, development and integrated direct mail execution for a diverse group of non-profit organizations. Her combined experience in relationship management and project management gives her a valuable skill set – including strategy, cost control, quality assurance and increasing revenue on behalf of clients.

In her time at Avalon, she has sharpened her overall strategic approach to direct marketing through the management of programs for clients such as Common Cause and National Parks Conservation Association. She has a strong background in service-oriented non-profits working with local organizations like Maryland Food Bank and Bread for the City. Her inherent service-centric personality enables her to establish positive and productive relationships with her client base. With her vast industry experience and keen insight, she can find a creative solution to any problem that comes her way. She was promoted to Account Director in December of 2017.

Rebecca is also actively involved in our industry. In 2015, she won the DMAW Emerging Leader Award, which recognizes young people with promise who have been in the industry for at least five years. And she currently serves on the board of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington.

In her spare time, Rebecca likes to practice yoga, listen to live music, travel, and obsess over her two cats, Prince and Charles.

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(202) 429-6080, ext. 110