Our People

Kristen Bocka

Account Director

Kristen Bocka has built and implemented project tracking systems within multiple marketing departments since 1999, bringing process organization and effective project workflow to ensure that schedules are maintained. Responsible for managing vendor relationships with mailshops and print vendors, quoting and awarding bids, Kristen has over a decade of experience on the client side owning the production management tasks (direct mail, online, and print).

In 2011, with a move to Pittsburgh, Kristen accepted a position at Mailing Services of Pittsburgh (MSP) where she learned the mailshop side of production, therefore sharpening her direct mail skills even further. After four years at MSP, Kristen was able to move to the agency-side of the company as an Account Manager on the Animal Welfare client vertical. Kristen learned very quickly that she was able to put her direct mail knowledge to work within a direct response fundraising program that she would then spend the next 5 years growing as the Account Director. Saving animals and supporting the people who serve animals became a true passion for Kristen during this time in her career.

Currently, Kristen continues to make an impact within the fundraising industry, supporting Avalon clients. Kristen lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband and young children, where her non-working hours are spent admiring their backyard koi pond, playing in the yard, and taking walks whenever possible.