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NMAI Wins Prestigious DMFA Package of the Year Award

2014 DMFA Package of the YearAvalon is thrilled to announce that the National Museum of the American Indian’s Dispelling Stereotypes package tied for first place in the Acquisition category of the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association’s 2014 Direct Marketing Packages of the Year Awards in early June.


We created the Dispelling Stereotypes package to take a more aggressive stance against common misconceptions of Native peoples and their cultures. The package describes and counters well-known cultural stereotypes, challenging both popular culture and the history books that propagate these falsehoods.


This creative approach echoes the greater mission of the Museum: to advance knowledge and understanding of the Native cultures of the Western Hemisphere—past, present, and future—through partnership with Native people and others. The Museum works to support the continuance of culture, traditional values, and transitions in contemporary Native life.


Dispelling Stereotypes was a tremendous success, outperforming the previous acquisition effort in every metric.