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Next Generation Study Findings

circle graph - sept fyiBlackbaud’s Next Generation Study is out – with lots of interesting information on how American generations are giving, and how much. The Study highlights Gen Y (people born between 1981-1995), Gen X (born between 1965-1980), Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964), and Matures (born before 1946) as discrete giving groups with different habits and preferences. 


In his Agitator blog about the Study, Roger Craver gives us the non-newsflash: “Your Donors are Old! Celebrate!” – pointing out that Matures and Boomers make up 69% of all giving, so adjust your strategies accordingly. But don’t wring your hands – younger donors are lining up behind the oldsters. And older donors are increasingly responsive to multi-channel appeals. 


The chart below includes an analysis of giving channels by age. As expected, overall giving increases with age and while online giving increases only slightly as you get older, you can see that direct mail increases significantly (52% of matures giving through mail).


giving channels 2


I suggest you download the entire Study here for terrific infographics and in-depth information on generational giving. Also be sure to check Avalon’s up-to-the-minute Industry Reports to Help Make You Smarter blog, to keep up with the latest industry findings.