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New Leader takes the Helm at NPCA

nationalparks2 onwhiteRecently, there was an engaging profile in National Journal Daily about Clark Bunting, the National Parks Conservation Association’s new president and CEO. In the piece, writer Courtney McBride describes how Bunting is bringing technology and diversity to national parks as a way to better connect younger, more diverse visitors to the parks.


McBride also tells about Bunting coming to NPCA after 27 years at Discovery Communications, parent company of the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and more. Since joining NPCA in November 2013, Bunting, “describes his new position as enjoyable but challenging, with plenty of ‘drinking from the information fire hose.’”


McBride adds, “In Bunting’s estimation, the national-park system is ‘one of the greatest treasures that we have in the United States,’ with the capacity to unite Americans across the political and ideological spectrum. This is particularly important now, he said, at a time of considerable political, economic, and cultural division.”


And what was that about being a lousy fly fisherman? Turns out Bunting left Discovery a year ago and spent some time learning how to fly fish (unsuccessfully, according to him), practicing yoga, and relaxing, until his wife told him, “Stop following me. Get a job.”


To read another great profile on Clark, visit NPCA’s Blog here.