Merlin by Avalon®

Merlin puts powerful insights into the palm of your hand (literally – it is mobile friendly!). Merlin’s campaign insights will spark ideas, fuel strategies, and uncover opportunities to maximize your program’s potential.


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4 Tiers of Service

Merlin Edge

Merlin Edge gives you access to:

  • Key dashboards
  • Top level action items
  • Digestible, high-value, targeted reports that get to the core of what non-profits need to know


Merlin+ gives you:

  • All key dashboards
  • 1hr Weekly coaching with a senior level staff member to help develop findings and next steps

Merlin PRO

Merlin PRO gives you full access to our standard reporting suite plus coaching:

  • All key dashboards
  • Bi-weekly coaching
  • Written interpretation of your reports with recommended action items

Merlin Premium

Merlin Premium gives you customized reporting:

  • Custom reports with data organization, high-touch customer support and clean, easy-to-read deliverable’s


Merlin by Avalon®

Unlock the power of your nonprofit’s data

The best marketing programs are built on data, not best guesses. Let Merlin help set your team up for success.

Act on Insights with Merlin

Merlin is a dynamic reporting platform for nonprofits, provides the deep, reliable data needed to inform your programs, uncover new opportunities, and optimize every effort for success.

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You should feel empowered by data, not overwhelmed. Merlin's got your back.

Organizations like yours need to make the biggest impact quickly, efficiently, and effectively. And using data to drive your decisions is the best way to do it.

Built from the ground up for nonprofit professionals just like you, Merlin provides the deep, reliable data you need to inform your programs, uncover new opportunities, and optimize every effort for success.

Why Merlin Matters

Avalon Consulting, the driving force behind Merlin, made a significant investment in building the industry’s best reporting platform. Why? Simple: Because nonprofits and those they serve deserve nothing less.

(That, and we’re just really big nerds.)

We have seen first-hand over the past 20+ years just how powerful data-driven decision making can be, and we will double down on that data every time. And we believe we have an ethical responsibility to our clients to make decisions based on data.

Every dollar raised, every member and donor acquired, every petition or pledge signed is a step closer to achieving their goals. The more efficient and the more effective the campaign, the bigger impact they can make.

Let’s discuss how you can begin to tap into Merlin’s power.

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Here are just some of the new features and functionalities that will make you love Merlin

Hosted in Tableau, a leading data visualization tool
Web based and easily accessible at your desk or on the go
Seriously robust suite of reports
On the fly filtering for enhanced reporting with some offerings
VitalStats™ Dashboard option
Monthly Giving Dashboard option


"Merlin is not a one-size-fits-all reporting system. You do get comprehensive standard reporting but are also able to pull reports specific to your program to get the answers you need."  

Myles King
The John. F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

“I have such trust and confidence in the Avalon team. Their data driven approach to fundraising has provided us with critical insight into our program and donor universe.”  

Cordy Galligan

"First class data visualization gives me a great overview of each channel, making managing my program so much easier!"      

Daniel Vincent
The Trustees