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Clients in the News- May 2019

Food for thought
Farm Sanctuary
’s President Gene Baur wrote a compelling letter to the editor of the New York Times recently, on this main point: Instead of prolonging the inevitable failure of dairy farms and subsidizing the overproduction of commodities that consumers aren’t buying, our government should actively invest in transitioning these struggling dairies into producing more of the foods our nation needs, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and other healthy, plant-based foods. Good food for thought for all of us.

The fish’s teeth need to be much bigger!”
That’s what ocean conservationist Julie Packard—founding (and current) executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium-said when inspecting her portrait painted by Hope Gangloff. The beautiful painting was recently unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery.. Packard is shown in front of a stunning background of marine life within a kelp forest, which Packard and Gangloff discussed at length to ensure the fishes displayed in the painting are accurate. As the painter commented, “I wanted to capture Julie Packard’s combination of optimism, very serious drive and calmness.” See for yourself at the Smithsonian Magazine’s website.

Win-win for students and their neighbors
Howard Community College in Maryland is getting into the local food craze in a down-to-earth (literally) way. Students are planting a community garden to serve their fellow needy students through HCC’s food bank, with the remaining fresh veggies and herbs going to the Maryland Food Bank. A win-win situation for all, as students learn about agriculture, while helping their friends and neighbors.  For more details, check out the Baltimore Sun article about the program.

Forcing puppy mills out of business
The National Humane Education Society is, once again, taking action on puppy mills—lobbying for more rigid anti-animal-cruelty legislation. This time, NHES is backing the Pennsylvania Retail Sales Bill, which would ban the sale of puppies, kittens, and rabbits from pet shops unless the animals are from shelters and rescues. This legislation aims to cut down the ability of puppy mills—where dogs are raised in stacked cages, living in filth and despair, forced to reproduce as often as possible—to find a market for their animals, which will force them out of business. See NHES’s website for more information.

And also… Students worked with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to organize a moving vigil after the recent school shooting in Colorado … This year, the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize will be awarded to comedian Dave Chappelle … One million species at risk of extinction warns UN report; National Geographic offers some solutions.