FYI Blog

Big Changes at, which has traditionally been a place for nonprofits to craft sponsored petitions for advocacy/awareness campaigns, announced in early July that it will shift its focus to fundraising. With more than 1 million new users a week and 25,000 new petitions each month, seeks to combine its “citizen-driven crowdfunding efforts with citizen-driven advocacy campaigns…unleashing the true potential of people united around a common cause.”

For now, crowdfunding strategies will dominate as builds out its suite of fundraising tools. The petition campaigns and resulting list-building efforts will continue and evolve from sponsored to promoted campaigns by the end of the year.

As always, Avalon will help our clients leverage the power of the platform (and other petition sites), whether we’re converting petition signers to donors or maximizing the potential of crowdfunding campaigns.

Visit’s website for more details on the changes to the organization’s mission.