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Avoiding Landing Page Mishaps and Protecting Internet Freedom

Barb-PerellHere’s what we have seen and heard online this month:

First up, a wake-up call from blogger Frank Barry at npENGAGE called Donation form optimization stats you’ll wish you’d known yesterdayBarry’s got a great infographic with helpful reminders, and he also calls out a few glaring missteps that, apparently, most nonprofits are making – for example:

    • 72% of organizations put buttons, menus, or other elements on their landing pages to give potential donors the ability to “click-away” to other pages on their website.
    • Over 80% of landing pages are not optimized for mobile.

Clearly, lapses you can – and should – take care of right away! 

  • Guidestar and Donate For Good’s Give App is finally in beta testing, so visit this website for the scoop. The app is predicted to revolutionize how people give to charities and how nonprofits fundraise, by making it easy to find and donate to any US-based charity with just a few screen taps. One caveat: I read through the FAQs and found a few mitigating factors for nonprofits to consider. Namely, there are small transaction fees, funds are only distributed once a month, and donors have the choice to give anonymously.

seen and heard - sept. 2014 - net neutrality

  • The online community was out in force on September 10 to promote and demonstrate Net Neutrality (example above). The campaign is nicely summed up in this infographic – explaining how people spread the message to lawmakers: Protect Internet freedom. Defend Net Neutrality. This fight isn’t over, so keep scrolling down in the linked infographic to find out how you can join the battle for Net Neutrality