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Lucinda Djifah Larvie


Lucinda joined the Avalon team in November 2014, bringing with her a wealth of statistical experience in the corporate and academic worlds. She served as an adjunct instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University, and tutored younger students. She also worked in a fast-paced, client-focused auditing company, used her predictive modeling skills to find the best credit-worthy prospects for a student loan company, and analyzed retail data to help a sports products company better serve its customers.

Lucinda is passionate about leveraging the power of analytics and statistics to help people make informed and meaningful decisions. She is particularly excited to be using her analytical skills to help improve Avalon clients’ fundraising programs and fund their vital missions that benefit us all.

In her spare time, Lucinda is an avid premier league soccer and NBA basketball fan—especially Manchester United and the San Antonio Spurs. She also loves to get out, travel, and sight-see whenever possible.

(202) 429-6080, ext. 123

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