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Chris Rempert

Senior Digital Fundraising Program Manager

Chris joined Avalon as a Digital Fundraising Program Manager in June, 2017, after spearheading a successful statewide ballot initiative campaign to legalize marijuana in Alaska, as well as fundraising for the issue at the national level.

Most recently, he was a development officer at the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, DC, where he honed his deep expertise in designing and implementing digital fundraising and advocacy campaigns, including email, web, social media, and more.

Chris is a valuable addition to Avalon’s cutting-edge digital team, as he helps Avalon clients increase their digital outreach and improve their online fundraising and marketing programs.

Out of the office, Chris is an avid cyclist, backpacking enthusiast, and experienced scuba diver. His hidden talent is that he can juggle fire. On a less dramatic note, he also enjoys playing softball on the National Mall every summer.

(202) 627-6526

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