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7 Steps to Giving Day Success

Looking for a way to fundraise off an event or milestone your organization is celebrating? Launch a digital Giving Day campaign to promote your event and bring in revenue at the same time—without breaking the bank.

Here are some tips for designing a compelling and effective digital Giving Day campaign:

1. Set your Giving Day for a specific date, so it doesn’t seem arbitrary. Maybe it’s an anniversary, like the birthday of the national parks for the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)—or some other important day for your organization, like World Farm Animals Day for Farm Sanctuary (FS).
2. Build excitement in the weeks and days leading up to your Giving Day through email and frequent social media posts.
3. Email cadence is important and will differ from other multi-email series. For the NPCA and FS campaigns, we found that sending two emails leading up to Giving Day and two emails on Giving Day itself, was effective—coupled with social media posts promoting the Day.
4. Keep your donors in the loop. Like other perennial favorite fundraising campaigns, best practices apply—so be sure to update your donors on the status of the campaign. Use a variety of online channels to create a surround-sound campaign. And thank your donors profusely after the campaign concludes.
5. Highlight matching gift offers, a tried-and-true winning strategy that amps up the urgency and makes the ask even more compelling.
6. Keep a good thing going. This was the first time these organizations held a Giving Day, and both were so successful that they’ve already been budgeted for the next fiscal year.
7. Be creative with your goal and make it meaningful. For example, instead of choosing a monetary goal or new member goal for Farm Sanctuary, we challenged donors to “help us raise enough money to provide 50,000 meals for our animal residents.” This successful new spin set the campaign apart from other multi-email series like Membership Month or Year-End.
If you plan ahead, your digital Giving Day campaign can become a successful annual appeal and a great way to mark your organization’s milestones.