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20 Things You Don’t Know About Avalon

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Avalon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and we are excited to share this moment with you—our clients, partners, and friends!
We consider ourselves an open book when it comes to our company culture in the direct marketing industry. But as we kick off our anniversary festivities, we wanted to share 20 Things You Don’t Know About Avalon so you can get to know us even better.
Since 1997, Avalon has actively helped our clients address pressing challenges and leverage unique opportunities to keep their programs growing smartly. We believe in doing work that has meaning—and we have never wavered from only working with nonprofits and campaigns whose missions we can advocate passionately. We are so fortunate that the nonprofit organizations we represent have allowed us to participate in and support their tremendously important work.
Avalon has consistently raised the bar for direct marketing fundraising—whether we were pioneering integrated direct marketing 20 years ago, leveraging digital opportunities today, or building a powerhouse analytics department to inform all our strategies.
From the start, Ann Herzog and I built Avalon on a foundation of four core values:
– Respect
– Work/life balance
– Meaningful work
– Collaboration
Twenty years later, these values still underpin everything we do—and I couldn’t be more proud and grateful of the company we’ve built.
Our staff continues to raise the bar for excellence in client service, dynamic and responsive strategies, and a deep passion for the work of our clients. To support our team, we are committed not only to professional growth and development, but also to creating a healthy company culture with a realistic, attainable work/life balance.
We make giving back a priority by offering quarterly paid volunteer days for all staff. It’s important to us to provide our clients with ongoing support beyond our scope of work by donating directly to their causes and sponsoring their events. But we also value showing up in concrete ways: raising funds, engaging supporters, collecting signatures, cleaning up rivers, packing food pantry bags, marching, demonstrating, and making a real difference.
In Avalon’s next 20 years, we will build on our successes and help to continuously improve our industry. We are living in turbulent times, but I am so hopeful about the future and how we can help our clients weather the storms and even prosper—for we must.
Thank you to everyone who has grown up with Avalon. We could not have reached this milestone without your support.