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More Proof that Multi-channel Marketing Is the Way to Go

Kerri Kerr
By KERRI KERR | Monday, 30 January 2012 14:57
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There’s a lot of talk online this month about many reasons to get on the multi-channel marketing bandwagon.

  • How influential is mobile fundraising? The Care2give blog on frogloop takes a look at a donor survey report by mGive Foundation that examines the ins and outs of charitable giving via texting – note that just mobile donors were polled, not donors giving through other channels. Some takeaways from this survey:

-       62% of these donors give to at least two different causes via texting.

-       73% say that they wouldn’t give more than $25 through mobile giving.

-       86% of mobile donors said they’d consider giving more through other fundraising channels – which again reinforces Avalon’s belief that multi-channel marketing is the tide that lifts all boats.

It’s always most productive to give your donors and prospects multiple ways to hear your message and to make a donation. See more on the mGive Foundation survey here.

  • In a similar vein, Pew Internet has a new study out about mobile donors’ giving habits. The report discusses the fact that impulse giving is a big factor in folks making small contributions via texting, and that these donors typically spread the word, encouraging friends and family to give as well. The down side is that these donors tend to only give through the mobile channel the next time, and continue to give only $10 or $15 – all the more reason for an integrated marketing approach to further engage and upgrade these tech-savvy donors. Read Pew’s full report here.

  • Are your direct mail efforts driving some of your online giving? The Agitator blog points to a study in which 37% of online donors say that what prompted them to give online was a direct mail appeal. Yet another reason to integrate all marketing and fundraising channels! Read more on their blog.

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