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Convio Summit - Multi-Channel Is Here To Stay!

Barb Perell
By BARB PERELL | Thursday, 06 October 2011 15:17
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Held October 3-5 in Baltimore, the Convio Summit brought together hundreds of nonprofits and vendors to share what’s happening in the online space.  Geared towards touting the benefits of integrating mail, phone, web, mobile, and other channels, the Summit offered numerous sessions on how best to coordinate direct marketing channels while staying on message.

At Avalon, we’ve long been believers in the power of the multi-channel donor.  After considerable testing, we had the opportunity to present our findings as a case study with the National Parks Conservation Association on how best to convert activists to donors through multiple channels.  Check out our slides ...

Multi-channel Acquisition - NPCA Case Study

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But what else did we hear people talking about?

  • In addition to NPCA, many organizations see the value in coordinating their programs to create more seamless donor experiences across once disparate channels.


  • Online welcome series are more popular (NPCA has also had experience with this conversion tool – check out our own Kerri Kerr’s blog post from August detailing how it works.)


  • Several organizations are implementing longer-term series to remind donors of their initial commitment (i.e. sending a happy anniversary note one year after adopting a dog.)


  • Numerous sessions included testing ideas on how to increase sustainers – and how best to introduce the concept to new and current donors.  A common theme was the push for more aggressive monthly donor recruitment across various channels.


  • Segmentation is key to any success – and far beyond the donors vs. non-donors split.  Sophisticated strategies must focus on online behaviors, giving patterns, and any other collected information (date of birth, issue affinity, etc.)

Did I miss any?  Email me if you came away with other good ideas that we might have missed and we’ll post them!


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